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Don’t let an office or commercial move slow your business down. Get professional office movers.

An office move or commercial move is a significant event and can have a massive impact on your business. A new location can be highly beneficial, especially if you are moving to a better location for your customers or clients, or a new facility that will better suit your business needs. However, if the move does not go smoothly, it can cause delays and unexpected business interruption that can frustrate your customers and employees, and cost your business money.

To ensure that your office move goes without a hitch, choose skilled, professional office movers who understand how important it is that your move be completed efficiently and who have the experience to plan and execute a successful office move, taking into consideration the unique issues involved with moving office equipment and furniture. Fill out our simple form and in no time, you will have several free, no-obligation quotes from capable office movers, at rates up to 65% off!

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A few things to consider for your office move:

Schedule the Move

An office move takes careful planning, and one of the most important factors to consider is when will be the best time to do it. If your business has a busy season and an off season, you will be best to move when it will least impact your business. If you are normally closed on a weekend, then this may be the time to move, so you can be up and running again by Monday. Choose your day and time carefully.

Notify Employees & Customers

An office move requires the cooperation and efforts of all management and staff, so let them know as soon as you know your business will be moving. Also, if your business serves clients and customers on-site, or will be unable to operate during the move, it is crucial to notify them as well, providing clear information about your new location and when you will close and re-open for business.

Project Management

While everyone will be involved in preparing for the move, there should be a designated project manager for your company, who will be in charge of coordinating everyone’s tasks and responsibilities, as well as dealing with the office movers to ensure that all requirements are communicated effectively.

Transporting Technology

One of the most important parts of a business move is planning the relocation of your technological equipment. This includes moving your hardware, such as computers and local network servers, as well as setting everything up on the other end. Experienced office movers will know how to handle your sensitive, fragile technology, so it is safe during the move.


As with any move, you must make sure that your insurance covers your furniture, equipment, technology, and inventory during the move. As well, your professional office movers should carry insurance that will cover any negligence or liability on their part, for damage or loss. Any reputable professional mover will be sure to have this coverage.

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Moving to a new location is a big decision for a business, which can lead to more streamlined operations and increased business. But first, the move itself must be accomplished with as little disruption as possible. Trust All Canada Movers when looking for reputable, professional office movers in your area. Contact us today.

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